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You're on the go, Windows is mobile, and Gmail should join the work and fun, too—agilely pushing new messages to your Windows Mobile device the moment it arrives in your inbox. To add a Gmail account to your Windows Mobile phone or device with automatic synchronization and push notification:.


Note that Gmail ActiveSync cannot currently be newly enabled for accounts that have not previously used it. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since To add a Gmail account to your Windows Mobile phone or device with automatic synchronization and push notification: Tap set up your device to sync with it. Enter "m. Make sure This server requires an encrypted SSL connection is checked. Tap Next.

How to Set Up Push Gmail on a Windows Mobile Phone

I can't believe it, either. Your important messages will now all be labeled accordingly and will notify you on your phone. All that's left is to turn off all other Gmail notifications so that the important ones are the only ones that beep, bloop, or flash themselves in a totally non-erotic way on your phone. So, here we go: Hit your phone's Back button until you're back on the settings screen for your appropriate Gmail account.

That'll keep Gmail from notifying you for every single message that shows up in your tired ol' inbox. And — another sip, if you please — that's it!

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You should be good to go, with email notifications that actually make sense for your needs and no unnecessary distractions. My, you are astute! Though please, Beverly, save the affectionate nicknames for our leisure time. You are correct, though: There is indeed a simpler way to set this type of system up using Gmail's built-in categories or Priority Inbox sections , if you're still using that arrangement — but that method is gonna make an awful lot of assumptions about which of your emails are notification-worthy and which aren't, and it's almost certainly gonna give you more alerts than you want.

Hey, I use Inbox, too! We should be pals. But to answer your question: Yes and no. You can still do this, but your best bet is to use Gmail for the notifications, even if you use Inbox for everything else. The problem is that the system has a fatal flaw, at least for these purposes: That means in addition to receiving your whitelisted "ATTENTION" label notifications, you'll also get notifications for every single email that arrives outside of a bundle. The workaround is pretty easy, though: Go about your regular business in Inbox, but keep its notifications turned off.

Set up your important email notifications in Gmail instead, using the steps above, and let those notifications alert you to any pressing incoming messages.

You can either open the notifications and deal with those messages in Gmail or just swipe 'em away and treat 'em as a cue to open up Inbox. Either way, you can keep on using Inbox as your main email management app. And yes, Inbox does have its own built-in system for detecting and notifying you only of "high-priority" messages on its own — within the "Notification level" line of the app's settings.

  • Step 1: Decide what emails should notify you.
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And you can always give that a whirl to see how it works. But, again, it's almost certainly going to give you more notifications than you actually want or need, hence my leaning toward this custom-tailored system.

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Here's the trick: Step 1: Decide what emails should notify you This is the most important part of the process — and also the most difficult to accomplish.

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JR Finally, click the blue "Create filter" button at the bottom of the box. Step 2: Wait a minute, Waldo! Isn't there an easier way to do this?! With categories or some such nonsense?

How to Fix Gmail Notifications Not Showing on Android Phone | Mashtips

That's why I'm suggesting a handmade setup that's custom-crafted to your needs instead. Fine, fine. But I use Inbox instead of Gmail. Can I still do this? Yeah — no bueno. Golly jeepers, this has all been helpful. We should share a sandwich sometime.