Iphone facebook app not working on 3g

Serious connectivity issues over 3G on the iOS app.

  1. Facebook doesn't load on 3G Network
  2. Fixing a stuck Facebook app
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  4. 3G/4G & LTE Not Working on iPhone or iPad: How to Fix It

Facebook has been known to be buggy on iOS before, and you should never put it past those silly Facebook app developers to have shipped a bug with your current app release. Reboot your iOS device: An internet service on your iOS device may be having an aneurysm and not working as expected.

Facebook doesn't load on 3G Network

This happens more on devices that have been tampered with, such as via jailbreak , than it does on stock devices. Nevertheless, a reboot could help.

Does the internet work in other apps? Try loading a web page in Safari , or open Twitter or another web app that will access the internet for data.

Fixing a stuck Facebook app

If the problem is limited just to Facebook, then you can isolate this issue to a Facebook-only problem and not a problem with your network. Is Facebook up to date? Try loading again after installing any available updates. Are you using a VPN?

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Try disabling your VPN to see if the content loads without it. Change your DNS settings: Poor choice of DNS server settings may be leaving you with too slow of an internet connection, or with certain web servers being blocked. We have a guide on how to change your DNS server settings from iOS itself, as well as how to do it from your wireless router. Change to another Wi-Fi network: Use cellular data instead: Just keep in mind that your carrier may charge you for overages on data, so be mindful of how much data you are using at all times. Restart your wireless router: Try restarting the wireless router to ensure that you have an active internet connection.

Report a problem to Facebook: If none of the above steps worked for you, try reporting your problem to Facebook. Try and connect to any other website using your browser and try one or two apps that connect to the web, just to see whether your Facebook issues are actually caused by a different problem. Your mobile internet connection might be experiencing an outage, or perhaps your Wi-Fi router needs a quick reset. Opening a webpage like Google and entering a random query is an easy test you can always perform to check connectivity.

Sometimes the native Facebook client on iOS gets stuck and just needs a quick nudge to get back going. Simply swipe down on your news feed to make it refresh. This manual refresh often fixes intermittent issues.

3G/4G & LTE Not Working on iPhone or iPad: How to Fix It

Another easy method to fix intermittent Facebook issues is to bring up the Multitasking View on your iPhone by double-tapping the Home Button , then swiping up on the preview of your Facebook app to fully close the app. This is especially helpful when the app is not responsive at all, or simply refuses to load any content despite you being connected to the internet.

Learn how to close apps on iPhone. Then let go of both buttons and wait until the system is back up, unlock your iPhone and try the Facebook app again.

If you own an iPhone X follow this guide to reboot your iPhone. Unlocking your iPhone requires more than just your Touch ID or passcode. You also need to unlock your SIM. Learn more about unlocking your SIM. Check to see whether there are any pending software updates and install them if needed. Keeping your Facebook app updated will make certain that it should connect to the service appropriately.

Learn how to turn off automatic app updates.