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We know you are all full of questions!

[App][Free] Magic 8 Ball

MagicBall will help you go through all ups and downs! Just shake I am a brand new cool, awesome, groovy, hip Magic 8 Ball! Ask me any Yes or No question, give me a shake, and I will answer! But wait, keep reading!

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Would you like a fortune? Yes you would. Well let's OzoLuck comes with several preconfigured quick start options to play games with numbers, dice, magic 8-ball, etc. OzoPath - single or dual player tile-based strategy game for Magic 8 Ball: Just for fun enter the magic 8 ball choices and the app can simulate a Know the answers to all of your life's questions with this amazing magic 8-ball you can now use on your phone. Because you're too cheap to go out and buy a real one.

This app works like a real Magic 8 Ball. Simply ask a question Yes or No questions and shake the device and the answer shall be revealed. Instead of shaking you can see the answer with touching This app works in a similar way to the traditional Magic 8 Ball but with a twist. There are answers suited to every situation intended to help you with your decision making and is a A Magic 8 Ball with 15 different answers and shake support. All Best Apps. Android iOS Category. Role playing. Best Android apps for: Magic eight ball app. Magic 8 Ball Answers Will I get the job?

Mystical Ball You do not know what to do? Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller Ask the mystifying magic 8 ball a question and then tap the screen to get your answer. Magic 8-ball social Free It's the Magic 8-ball app with a friendly design and some animation. Love Magic Ball Makes decisions about the love of fun. Magic 8 Ball Foresee your fortunes with the tap of a finger. Magic Ball Free Or maybe often insecure about your decisions? Save the media files to a convenient location that you will remember. Set the button image to an 8-Ball image: Click on your newly added button to see its properties in the Properties pane on the right.

Create Button

Under "Image" click on the word "None Click the "Add" button and browse to where you saved the 8-Ball image. Go to the text field in the Properties pane and delete the display text of your button component 4. From the Media palette, drag over a Sound component onto the Viewer pane 1. Set the sound component's source file: Click on your newly added sound component to see its properties in the Properties pane on the right.

Under "Source" click in the small box on the word "None Click the "Add" button and browse to where you saved the sound file.

Your Answer

You have now completed the work in the Designer for Part One of this app. It's time now to go over to the Blocks Editor to program the behavior of these components. Your blocks should now look like this: If you don't hear the sound, first be sure you have the volume turned up on your device or computer if using emulator.

Magic 8-Ball Tutorial

Also, make sure your device has an SD card. App Inventor stores media files to the SD card. In some devices, the Play component does not work correctly. You will need to use the Player component instead of the Sound component. Part Two: App Inventor Go back to the Designer window in your browser and add some new things to your app. From the Screen Arrangement palette, drag over the Vertical Arrangement component 1.

sensor - Android Shake Event to create Magic 8 Ball - Stack Overflow

At first it will just look like an empty box, but when you put things in it, App Inventor will know that you want to line them up vertically one on top of the other. From the Basic palette, drag over a Label component 2 and drop it inside of the vertical arrangement component. This will cause them to line up with each other in a vertical line.

Blocks Editor Now for the fun part! From the My Blocks palette, click on Label2 drawer to see all of its associated blocks. Drag over the blue set Label2. Text and insert it just above the Sound1. Play block. Notice that the when Button1. Click block automatically gets bigger to accomodate the new block. From the Built-In palette, click on the Lists drawer. Drag over the pick random item block and connect it to the open socket of the set Label2. Text block. From the Built-In palette, click on Lists again, then drag out the make a list block and plug it into the "list" socket on the right side of the pick random item block.

From the Built-In palette, click on the Text drawer, drag out a text block and connect it to the item socket of the make a list block. You can then type in new text there. Think about the sayings you want in your list of predictions for the Magic 8-Ball.

Type the first prediction into this new text block. Notice that when you plug in a new text block, the make a list block automatically creates a new socket. Repeat the previous step for each of the prediction choices you want programmed into your 8-Ball App. Plug each text block into the pick random item block. Ideas for answers: Emulator or Phone Emulator: Part Three: Disconnect all of the blocks from inside the Button1.

Click block and move them inside the AccelerometerSensor. Shaking block. The connected blocks will come with it. Delete the Button1. Click block to keep your work area tidy. The blocks should look something like this: Package the App to Your Phone!

Magic 8 Ball 3D 3.52.3 Update

Challenge 1: Make the Magic 8-Ball Speak Instead of or in addition to making the prediction appear as text, can you make the 8-Ball speak it aloud? Suggestions for Further Exploration Make the image rotate when the phone is shaken or have several images that the app rotates through while the phone is shaken. You could use this technique to make it look like the triangle piece inside the 8-ball window is surfacing.

You could also make different images for different predictions and display the correct image for each prediction. Make a similar app but for a different purpose.

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  6. The phone could be used in place of dice or yahtzee letters. It could simulate a coin toss or a random number or color generator for investigating probability. Ask end users to add choices to the list of predictions See Make Quiz tutorial. Make the 8 Ball app a "server" so that anyone who sends a text to it will receive a text message prediction in return.

    Complete change the list to humorous choices e.