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This issue will be fixed soon: If you are using Intune App Protection policies to manage access for corporate identities, you should consider not enabling require biometrics. You can delete managed Google Play apps from Microsoft Intune. From the app list, select the ellipses When you delete a managed Google Play app from the app list, the managed Google Play app is automatically unapproved. The managed Google Play app type will allow you to specifically add managed Google Play apps to Intune. As the Intune admin, you can now browse, search, approve, sync and assign approved managed Google Play apps within Intune.

You no longer need to browse to the managed Google Play console separately, and you no longer have to reauthenticate. Na lista Tipo de aplicativo , selecione Google Play Gerenciado como o tipo de aplicativo. In the App type list, select Managed Google Play as the app type. Customers are asking for a common strategy and a cohesive set of end-to-end security workflows across the Microsoft services.

Our goal is to align strategies to build solutions that bridge security operations and common administrator tasks. An administrator can create security policies directly from these baselines, and then deploy them to their users. You can also customize the best practice recommendations to meet the needs of your organization. Intune makes sure that devices stay in compliance with these baselines, and notifies administrators of users or devices that aren't in compliance.

This feature is in public preview so any profiles created now will not move over to Security Baselines templates that are generally available GA. To learn more about security baselines, see Create a Windows 10 security baseline in Intune. Esse recurso aplica-se a: Windows 10 e posterior This feature applies to: Windows 10 and later. This update includes a new BitLocker setting to allow standard users non-administrators to enable encryption. To see the settings, go to Endpoint protection settings for Windows O Configuration Manager envia sinais para a conformidade do Intune.

Configuration Manager sends signals to Intune compliance. Using this setting, you can require all Configuration Manager signals to return "compliant". For example, you require all software updates to be installed on devices. No Configuration Manager, esse requisito tem o estado "Instalado". If any programs on the device are in unknown state, then the device is non-compliant in Intune. Configuration Manager Compliance describes this setting.

Aplica-se a: Windows 10 e posterior Applies to: This update includes new Wallpaper settings that allow an Administrator to use a. These wallpaper settings apply only to supervised devices. For a list of these settings, see iOS device feature settings. In this update, the Kiosk feature on Windows 10 and later devices is generally available GA.

To see all the settings you can add and configure, see Kiosk settings for Windows 10 and later. When you create a device restrictions profile for Android Enterprise devices, there is a Contact Sharing via Bluetooth setting. So when this setting is removed, it won't impact any devices or tenants, even if this setting is enabled and configured in your environment. To see the current list of settings, go to Android Enterprise device settings to allow or restrict features. Android Enterprise Device Owner.

Once documents are protected with a WIP-WE policy, the protected data can be selectively wiped by an Intune administrator. By selecting the user and device, and sending a wipe request, all data that was protected via the WIP-WE policy will become unusable. Intune has built-in audit logging that tracks events as changes are made. This update includes new logging features, including: Send log data to storage, event hubs, or log analytics in Intune provides more information on this feature.

In addition to the screens you can currently skip, you can set iOS DEP devices to skip the following screens in the Setup Assistant when a user enrolls the device: If you create a new profile or edit a profile, the selected skip screens need to sync with the Apple MDM server. Users can issue a manual sync of the devices so that there is no delay in picking up the profile changes. Specifically, you can provide end users with an app catalog and installation experience that no longer requires end users to loosen the security posture of their devices by allowing installations from unknown sources.

In addition, this deployment scenario will provide an improved end user experience. Intune now supports fully managed Android devices, a corporate-owned "device owner" scenario where devices are tightly managed by IT and are affiliated with individual users. This allows admins to manage the entire device, enforce an extended range of policy controls unavailable to work profiles, and restricts users to installing apps from managed Google Play only. For more information, see Set up Intune enrollment of Android fully managed devices and Enroll your dedicated devices or fully managed devices.

Please note that this feature is in preview. Some Intune capabilities, such as certificates, compliance, and Conditional Access, are not currently available with Android fully managed user devices. As the IT admin, you can now configure the number of days an end user can wait until their Intune app PIN must be changed. Available for iOS and Android devices, this feature supports a positive integer value. Intune provides additional device reporting fields, including App Registration Id, Android manufacturer, model, and security patch version, as well as iOS model.

In addition, these parameters will help you configure the Allow list for device manufacturer Android , the Allow list for device model Android and iOS , and the minimum Android security patch version setting. With this update: To read more about this feature, go to Windows 10 templates to configure group policy settings. In Intune, you can import certificates in PFX format. Intune can then deliver those same certificates to multiple devices enrolled by a single user. This also includes: On Windows 10 and later devices, you can create a VPN configuration profile that includes a list of DNS servers to resolve domains, such as contoso.

When using trusted network detection, you can prevent VPN profiles from automatically creating a VPN connection when the user is already on a trusted network. To learn more about this feature, go to Intune settings to manage shared devices. Windows 10 e posteriores, Windows Holographic for Business Applies to: Windows 10 and later, Windows Holographic for Business. For your Windows 10 Update Rings , you can configure: You can create an email profile that includes different settings.

You can create a configuration profile that sets endpoint protection settings on Windows 10 devices, including BitLocker. This update adds support for Windows 10 Professional edition for some BitLocker settings. To see these protection settings, go to Endpoint protection settings for Windows When you create a configuration profile for iOS devices, you can add Shared Device Configuration settings to show specific text on the lock screen. This update includes the following changes: Allow managed apps to write contacts to unmanaged contacts accounts Allow unmanaged apps to read from managed contacts accounts To see these settings, go to iOS device restrictions.

This update includes several new features on Android Enterprise devices when running as device owner. Os novos recursos incluem: New features include: Always-on VPN connections stay connected, or immediately reconnect when the user unlocks their device, when the device restarts, or when the wireless network changes. You can also put the connection in "lockdown" mode, which blocks all network traffic until the VPN connection is active. To see the settings, go to Android Enterprise device restriction settings.

This update includes a new setting to end processes using Task Manager on Windows 10 devices. To see these settings, go to Windows 10 device restriction settings. More detailed error messages are available when enrollment restrictions are not met. For more information, see the enrollment failures list. The new Tenant Status page provides a single location where you can view status and related details for your tenant.

The dashboard is divided into four areas: From the new page, they can email error and diagnostic log details and find their organization's Helpdesk details. They'll also find a FAQ section with links to the relevant Intune documentation. We are rolling out the new Help and Support experience to all tenants over the next few days. This new experience is available for Intune and can be accessed when using the Intune blades in the Azure portal.

The new experience lets you describe your problem in your own words and receive troubleshooting insight and web-based remediation content. These solutions are offered via a rule-based machine learning algorithm, driven by user inquires. In addition to issue-specific guidance, you use the new case creation workflow to open a support case by email or phone.

This new experience replaces the previous Help and Support experience of a static set of pre-selected options that are based on the area of the console you are in when you open Help and Support. For more information, see How to get support for Microsoft Intune. You can create scope tags to limit access for roles and apps. You can add a scope tag to an app so that only people with roles also assigned that scope tag have access to the app. For more information, see Use scope tags to filter policies.

Para saber mais, confira o blog de suporte do Intune. For more information, see the Intune support blog. The SDK will continue to provide support of bit keys for compatibility with content and apps that use older SDK versions. Users might already have this version for their Office apps. Agora, o Intune exige o macOS Intune now requires macOS version To receive support assistance and new features, users must upgrade their device to macOS You can remove any app on corporate-owned supervised iOS devices.

You can remove any app by targeting either user or device groups with an Uninstall assignment type. For personal or unsupervised iOS devices, you will continue to be able to remove only apps that were installed using Intune. Windows 10 RS3 and above clients will download Intune Win32 app content using a Delivery Optimization component on the Windows 10 client.

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Delivery optimization provides Peer-to-Peer functionality that it is turned on by default. Delivery optimization can be configured by group policy and in the future via Intune MDM. For more information, see Delivery Optimization for Windows End users can now use context menu on device and apps to trigger common actions like renaming a device or checking compliance.

We're adding a setting that lets you customize the background appearance of the Managed Home Screen app on Android Enterprise, multi-app, kiosk mode devices. Select a current device configuration profile or create a new one to edit its kiosk settings. To see the kiosk settings, see Android Enterprise device restrictions. You now have better control over your app protection policy assignments. When you select Assignments to set or edit the assignments of a policy, you must Save your configuration before the change applies.

Use Discard to clear all changes you make without saving any changes to the Include or Exclude lists. By requiring Save or Discard, only the users you intend are assigned an app protection policy. This update includes new settings to help control and manage the Microsoft Edge browser on your devices. For a list of these settings, see Device restriction for Windows 10 and newer. You can now manage the following apps with Intune app protection policies: Use app protection policies to protect corporate data and control data transfer for these apps, like other Intune policy managed apps.

If Flow is not yet visible in the console, you add Flow when you create or edit and app protection policies. No Android, use com. For Android use com. This update includes, the build number, which is configurable for both platforms. When security updates are released, Apple typically leaves the version number as-is, but updates the build number. By using the build number in a compliance policy, you can easily check if a vulnerability update is installed.

To use this feature, see iOS and macOS compliance policies. Delivery optimization is a new configuration profile for Windows 10 and later. This feature provides a more streamlined experience to deliver software updates to devices in your organization. This update also helps you deliver the settings in new and existing update rings using a configuration profile. To configure a delivery optimization configuration profile, see Windows 10 and newer delivery optimization settings. To learn more about these settings, see iOS and macOS device restriction settings.

You can choose which apps are tracked on the enrollment status page. Until these apps are installed, the user can't use the device. For more information, see Set up an enrollment status page. You can now search for Autopilot devices by serial number. Agora o Intune oferece suporte ao uso do Programa de registro de dispositivos em dispositivos macOS para contas do Apple School Manager.

Para saber mais, consulte Registrar automaticamente dispositivos macOS com o Apple School Manager ou o Programa de registro de dispositivos. To help lower the cost of managing devices in enterprises, a new device-based subscription SKU is now available. This Intune device SKU is licensed per device on a monthly basis. Price varies by the licensing program. When using Android devices in multi-app kiosk mode, an IT administrator may need to make changes to the device. This update includes new multi-app kiosk settings that allows an IT Administrator to temporarily pause kiosk-mode using a PIN, and get access to the entire device.

A new setting will allow users to tap a soft-key button on their device to switch between the Managed Home Screen app and other assigned apps on their multi-app kiosk device. This setting is particularly helpful in scenarios where a user's kiosk app does not respond appropriately to the "back" button. You'll be able to configure this setting for corporate-owned, single use Android devices. You will need to install the latest update to Citrix Gateway to use this functionality. If you enable OAuth in a profile that's already deployed to users, then users are prompted to reauthenticate, and download their email again.

You can now set up hybrid Azure Active Directory joined devices by using Autopilot. Devices must be joined to your organization's network to use the hybrid Autopilot feature. This feature is rolling out across the user base over the next few days. Therefore, you might not be able to follow these steps until it rolls out to your account. By requiring a non-biometric PIN after an admin-specified timeout, Intune provides improved security for Mobile Application Management MAM enabled apps by restricting the use of biometric identification for access to corporate data.

These settings enable Intune admins to have more granular control over user access, eliminating cases where a device with multiple fingerprints or other biometric access methods can reveal corporate data to an incorrect user. No Portal do Azure, abra o Microsoft Intune. In the Azure portal, open Microsoft Intune. Locate the Access section for specific settings.

For information about access settings, see iOS settings and Android settings. When this functionality is available, admins using the IntuneMAMUPN to control data transfer behavior on enrolled devices should review the new settings and update their APP settings as needed. You can configure your Win32 apps to be installed in user context for individual users, versus installing the app for all users of the device. End users are no longer required to be logged in on the device to install Win32 apps or execute PowerShell scripts.

You can troubleshoot the installation success of client apps by reviewing the column labeled App install in the Troubleshoot blade. Para exibir a folha Solucionar problemas , no portal do Intune, selecione Solucionar problemas em Ajuda e suporte. To view the Troubleshoot blade, in the Intune portal, select Troubleshoot under Help and support. To use NAC, you'll need to: For more information on network access control, see Network access control NAC integration with Intune.

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Previously, you couldn't remove an email profile from a device if it's the only email profile. With this update, this behavior changes.

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  4. Now, you can remove an email profile, even if it's the only email profile on the device. See Add email settings to devices using Intune for details. Device default To: At least numeric. Android, Android Enterprise Applies to: Android, Android Enterprise. To see these settings, go to Android and Android Enterprise. You can also specify the cost configuration for a metered network for devices on Windows 10 October update.


    Garageband For Android | 12 Best Alternatives in | Android Crush

    Currently, you must import a Wi-Fi profile, or create a custom profile to use a pre-shared key. Wi-Fi settings for Windows 10 lists the current settings. This update changes the behavior. This update includes the macOS Gatekeeper to evaluate devices for compliance.

    Como baixar siri no Android?😉

    To set the Gatekeeper property, Add a device compliance policy for macOS devices. For more information, see Company portal abandonment report. Azure Active Directory has a terms of use feature that you can use instead of existing Intune terms and conditions. The Azure AD terms of use feature provides more flexibility on which terms to show and when to show them, better localization support, more control in how terms are rendered and improved reporting. To learn more, see the Manage your company's terms and conditions for user access article.

    Users on WiFi or cellular networks can enroll with just a few taps when they turn on their devices for the first time. Para saber mais, confira Inscrever automaticamente os dispositivos Android usando o Knox Mobile Enrollment da Samsung. Intune now supports grouping Windows devices by a correlator ID when enrolled using Autopilot for existing devices through Configuration Manager.

    The correlator ID is a parameter of the Autopilot configuration file. This allows arbitrary Azure AD dynamic groups to be created based off correlator ID via the enrollmentprofileName attribute for offline Autopilot enrollments. For more information, see Windows Autopilot for existing devices.

    Intune app protection policies allow you to configure various data protection settings for Intune protected apps, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. There are three categories of policy settings: For more information, see Add apps to Microsoft Intune. As the Microsoft Intune admin, you can upload a custom brand image which will be displayed as a background image on the user's profile page in the iOS Company Portal app. MSI Office.

    When Intune installs Office on your end user's machines, end users automatically get the same language packs that they had with previous. MSI Office installations. These solutions are offered via a rule-based machine learning algorithm, driven by user inquiries. In addition to issue-specific guidance, you can also use the new case creation workflow to open a support case by email or phone. For customers who are part of the rollout, this new experience replaces the current Help and Support experience of a static set of pre-selected options that are based on the area of the console you are in when you open Help and Support.

    This new Help and Support experience is being rolled out to some but not all tenants and is available in the Device Management portal. Participants for this new experience are randomly selected from the available Intune tenants. New tenants will be added as we expand the rollout. This includes changes to registered fingerprints or face ID.

    The timing of the prompt depends on how the configuration of the Recheck access requirements after minutes timeout. When no PIN is set, the user is prompted to set one. Integration of the SDK is necessary so that the behavior can be enforced on the targeted applications. This integration happens on a rolling basis and is dependent on the specific application teams.

    End users can now access key account properties and actions, such as password reset, from the Company portal app. On iOS devices, Intune admins can block the use of 3rd-party keyboards when accessing organization data in policy protected apps. When the Application Protection Policy APP is set to block 3rd-party keyboards, the device user receives a message the first time they interact with corporate data when using a 3rd-party keyboard. All options, other than the native keyboard, are blocked and device users will not see them.

    Device users will only see the dialog message once. As the Microsoft Intune admin, you can control which user accounts are added to Microsoft Office applications on managed devices. You can limit access to only allowed organization user accounts and block personal accounts on enrolled devices. Additional configuration settings will be added as they are enabled for the Outlook for iOS and Android.


    As the Intune admin, you will be able to deploy additional languages for Office Pro Plus apps managed through Intune. The list of available languages includes the Type of language pack core, partial, and proofing. Na lista Tipo de aplicativo da folha Adicionar aplicativo , selecione Windows 10 em Pacote do Office Select Languages in the App Suite Settings blade. The file extensions for Windows LOB apps will now include. The Add app pane is displayed which allows you to select the App type. For Windows LOB apps, select Line-of-business app as the app type, select the App package file , and then enter an installation file with the appropriate extension.

    Administrators can add, install, and uninstall applications for Windows 10 users in a variety of formats, such as MSIs, Setup. Intune will evaluate requirement rules before downloading and installing, notifying end users of the status or reboot requirements using the Windows 10 Action Center. This functionality will effectively unblock organizations interested in shifting this workload to Intune and the cloud. This feature is currently in public preview and we expect to add significant new capabilities to the feature over the next few months.

    End users can now use the context menu on device and apps to trigger common actions like renaming a device or checking compliance. End users will now be able to trigger app and device actions in the Windows Company Portal using keyboard shortcuts accelerators. With this update, you can also enter multiple DNS suffixes in Intune. This update also lets you change the order of the DNS suffixes in Intune. Dispositivos com Windows 10 Applies to: Windows 10 devices. In this update, you can use Always-on VPN connections on Android enterprise devices with managed work profiles. Currently, certificates are issued to users.

    Other updates include: Na tabela, um administrador pode adicionar um atributo e preencher o valor em uma caixa de texto personalizada. In the table, an admin can add an attribute and fill out the value in a custom textbox. The SAN will support the following attributes: These new variables can be added with static text in a custom value textbox. Curly brackets must only enclose one of the new device certificate variables to be accepted for either Subject or Subject alternative name. New device certificate variables: Windows 10 and later and iOS, supported for Wi-Fi.

    When a device is not compliant, you can create an action on the compliance policy that locks the device remotely. Com suporte em: Supported on: You can apply Autopilot profiles to enrolled Win 10 devices that have not already been registered for Autopilot. In the Autopilot profile, choose the Convert all targeted devices to Autopilot option to automatically register non-Autopilot devices with the Autopilot deployment service. Aguarde 48 horas para que o registro seja processado.

    Allow 48 hours for the registration to be processed. When the device is unenrolled and reset, Autopilot will provision it. The process in Intune is the same. Alerts and enrollment failures now appear on separate tabs on the Device enrollment overview page. The Restricted apps setting uses a compliance policy to block access to company resources if certain apps are installed on the device.

    The device is considered non-compliant until the restricted apps are removed from the device. Applies to: The new Microsoft administration center is the place to consolidate, simplify, and integrate the admin experience. The specialist workspace for Device Management provides easy access to all of the device and app management information and tasks that your organization needs. We expect this to become the primary cloud workspace for enterprise end user computing teams. Ask these users to upgrade their devices to a supported OS version. If you have any of the devices listed below, or want to enroll any of the devices listed below, be aware that they only support iOS 9 and earlier.

    To continue to access the Intune Company Portal, you must upgrade these devices to devices that support iOS 10 or later: The status tiles have been removed from the Client Apps - Overview page to avoid duplication. When using iOS per-app VPN profiles, you can choose to use app-layer tunneling app-proxy or packet-level tunneling packet-tunnel.

    These options are available with the following connection types: In a future update, you'll be able to delay when a software update is visibly shown on the device, from days. Configure iOS update policies in Microsoft Intune lists the current settings. When assigning the Office ProPlus apps to Windows 10 devices using Intune, you will be able to select the version of Office.

    Select App Suite Settings to display the associated blade. Set the Update Channel to a value, such as Monthly. Optionally, remove other version of Office msi from end user devices by selecting Yes. Select Specific to install a specific version of Office for the selected channel on end user devices.

    At this point, you can select the Specific version of Office to use.

    Video chat done the Apple way

    The available versions will change over time. Therefore, when creating a new deployment, the versions available may be newer and not have certain older versions available. Current deployments will continue to deploy the older version, but the version list will be continually updated per channel. For more information, see Overview of update channels for Office ProPlus. Automatic app updates work for both device and user licensed apps for iOS Version When you create a Windows Hello for Business policy, it applies to all users within the organization tenant-wide.

    In Intune in the Azure portal, the Windows Hello configuration and settings now exists in both Device enrollment and Device configuration. Device configuration targets devices and users using a policy that's applied during check-in. This feature applies to: This update adds Zscaler as a connection type. VPN settings for devices running iOS lists the available connection types.

    With this feature update, you can create a device configuration profile that switches a Windows 10 device out of S-mode, or prevent users from switching the device out of S-mode. Introducing Windows 10 in S mode provides more information on S mode. When using Advanced Threat Protection and onboarding devices in Intune, you previously had to download a configuration package, and add it to your configuration profile.

    With this update, Intune automatically gets the package from Windows Defender Security Center, and adds it to your profile. Aplica-se ao Windows 10 e posteriores. Applies to Windows 10 and later. You can now set device profiles to require that the device connects to a network before proceeding past the Network page during Windows 10 setup. While this feature is in preview, a Windows Insider build or later is required to use this setting.

    Parallel Space for iOS | Parallel Space Multi Accounts App iPhone/iPad

    This new setting uses a compliance policy to block access to company resources if certain apps are installed on the device. Compliance policies created in the Azure classic portal will be deprecated. You can review and delete any existing compliance policies, however you can't update them. If you need to migrate any compliance policies to the current Intune Azure portal, you can export the policies as a comma-separated file. Then, use the details in the file to recreate these policies in the Intune Azure portal. When the Azure classic portal retires, you will no longer be able to access or view your compliance policies.

    Therefore, be sure to export your policies and recreate them in the Azure portal before the Azure classic portal retires. So we got to carry additional mobile phone with us just to be more multi-tasking. This application lets you create multiple account for just the same application on a single device. Just you need two different SIM for this. The application is till now available for the Android users only and not for the iOS users. Talking about the features of the application, let us take them one by one.

    Parallel Space App let you create the second icon of the same existing application and this new application starts in the complete new way, and lets you signup or login as the new application on your device. The feature rich application is not available for the iOS devices at this moment.

    In order to stay updated for the launch and other news related to Parallel Space Multi Accounts App , stay tuned to this blog page we will notify you. But before it is launched for iOS devices, let us learn a quick method to use multiple apps without this application. Parallel Space App is now available for iOS devices also without any kind of jailbreaks. We have been waiting for this application on our iOS platform for the last one year just to install our social media profiles like Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

    Now launch Cydia application for your phone. In order to add a new repo follow the order. Go to the Sources tab and then choose the Edit button on the top right corner. Now you need to enter the following URL: Thus the source will be added. Now in the AppDuplicator find the application you want to create the duplicate off and clone it. Keen on getting a parallel space running on my iphone. Jailbreak is not an option as this is a corporate phone and if there is an alternate way to install 2 whatapps and 2 wechat etc.

    Please keep me updated. Thanks for the help. There is a way to install second whatsApp on your phone without jail breaking.